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November 07, 2005



Well, if it does come here it will be interesting to see if they run out of rioters before we run out of ammunition. I'm betting on the ammo.

As for what kind, despite the satisfaction buckshot offers, I think I can do more, at greater distances, with good, old .30 caliber hollow point. I worry that there may be a Molotov Sandy Kofax out there whose bottle range is nearly as great as my buckshot range.


I don't think that these shenanigans will make it here if it is a fad, or even if it is intifada. Everyone makes much ado about the number of guns we have here, but France actually has quite a few in civilian possession, I believe the number is 3 gun for every 10 citizens. No, it's not the number of guns, it's the fact that our laws incorporate the right to defend yourself, your neighbors, and your property with deadly force. France, Britain, all of Western Europe have no such history or precedent in law. Even in our cities that severely restrict guns the hoods know that rubber bullets used by police will become flying lead in fairly short order.

Daniel Day

I wonder what would happen if a Molotov cocktail was hit midair with a shot charge -- it sounds likely to make a real flammable fuel-air mixture for a moment, which might be all it takes if the wick is in the right place.
Riverdog's daughter might have a valid point about European youth, but I am skeptical whether the vehicle-burning will come here -- the American youths, at least the ones outside areas with strict gun controls, probably realize how dangerous to themselves the French activities would be. A friend in LA during the Rodney King riots said they did not spread to the middle-class sections of town, which is where he lived (I was out of the country at the time and getting sparse news about it, pls correct me if my history is wrong). His neighbors and he were locked and loaded, but had no trouble.

Jay G

Buckshot may be expensive, but I've found that birdshot is quite cheap.

And cube, while I'll admit that the idea of shooting the Molotov cocktail mid-air has a certain visceral appeal to it, you're a lot more likely to stop OTHER bomb throwers if you aim at their pointy little heads...


what do you think about shooting the firebombs when they are in the air? If you were any good at shooting traps (or are they called skeets), it would seem that you might be able to hit a fire bomb if thrown slowly.

Though that would be worse case, I would perfer the punks never throw it in the first place.

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