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October 22, 2008


Brick Oven Bill

Keep an eye on Sweden. The Krona is down 4% against the Euro this week. Being the nice guys has its costs:


Aaron Neal

Other than fuel, I've not seen any (noticeably) falling prices - I'm going with USD is more or less holding ground at the moment, and everything else is falling by comparison. I'm still waiting for that to have an impact on imported (mainly Wolf) ammo.

And yeah, Venezuela and Iran are losing money fast selling oil at less than $90-95/bbl, so yay low oil prices! I don't wish ill on the PEOPLE of Venezuela, just that Chavez loses enough influence that he's forced out of power (and preferably executed in a back alley). Pretty much the same for Iran and Imadinnerjacket (and the rest of the mad mullahs).

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