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September 13, 2012


Patriot Padre

In my humble and loving opinion, this REALLY isn't about First Amendment Rights, radical Christianity, or for that fact, any religion... Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or otherwise. It REALLY is about the age old issue that's perplexed and befuddled mankind since the beginning... the reality and nature of the person called Jesus Christ! It always has been... it always will be! You either seek to know, believe and trust Him in faith and subsequently discover the truth, or you don't! You either reap the rewards of eternal life or suffer the consequences of eternal death! It's YOUR decision... but know this, time may be very short to make the most important decision of your everlasting life?


What about the radical Christians who produced the dreadful video that engendered this whole thing? It's now known that a radical American Coptic Christian funded and supported the production of this, and is the person who called himself "Bacile". Some of the actors state the blasphemous portions of the film were dubbed onto their voices. One showed a script they used that had none of those segments of the film in it. Photos of this Christian show him to be another one of the "bushy German moustache" group of older men who perpetrate this stuff on the world, like that fellow who burned a pile of Korans at his "church". So, why is it anathema to utter "Muslim hate speech", but not "Christian hate speech"? Or hate speech from any such religous pretender?


Let's see now, Sis: if I hear you correctly, you are saying that a film-maker who exercised his First Amendment right to make a film about the evils of Islam somehow has equal moral turpitude to the Islamist kiddy-rapers who just blew up our Embassy in Benghazi? Sorry, that equation doesn't compute except in the strange world of Liberal Math. Also, the Coptics are at the spear-point of fighting the Islamists, at least in Egypt. They are doing the fighting and dying that our society, which would benefit highly from the end of Radical Islam, ought to be praising, not condemning.

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