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November 28, 2012


Richard Bergerson

I not only agree with your view, I'll also raise you one. Opinion: I would suggest that our current decline towards unbridled evny and greed has been fueled by the illusionary opportunity to make some great fortune via our "smarts", insider information, great timing and/or luck - without the expenditure of any real manual or intellectual labor.
Used to be that one invested, with due dilligence - which is still a bit of a gamble, but so is deciding whether to say at home or leave. Given the opportunity to make say twice tha bank's passbook savings rate over one or ten years, damn near everyone has been seduced into gambling that one can earn big bucks short term, then cash out as the sheepeople inflate the price beyond a substainable point.
We don't want to work, we want to buy a winning lottery ticket, whether it is from the state system or the Wall Street system.

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