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November 02, 2012



Why doesn't WA or OR have "primitive rifle" deer/elk seasons? Your single-shot would get you an extra 3 weeks of hunting in Louisiana.

Gerry N.

I'm too old to be spending more money on rifles when I've got a wall full now. My protection rifle is my M1 Carbine, it is very dependable with the ammo I run in it. I also have some sidearms with good dependable ammo. The rest of my "battery" is for fun.

One of the most pleasant to shoot, fun rifles I have is an H&R Topper break action .30-30 that I got for $100. With its short reciever it has a 24" bbl and feels like a carbine. Very little felt recoil and weighs only 4 3/4 lbs. I have some 170 gr. 1900 fps cast loads that make good deer medicine at brushy terrain ranges. Lots of ribbing for hunting with a single shot, but it usually stops when we have braised liver for supper in camp that night. For bigger critters such as elk, I've got a Chilean '98 Mauser variant Short Rifle in 7.62X51mm and a Ruger #1 in .308 Win as well as a Krag M 1922 NRA Sporter in .30-40. I think this year the nod goes to the Krag. Fun Time coming.

Gerry N.

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