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November 28, 2012



Here you go, some info on the ethics (or lack thereof) of Susan Rice:



Rivrsis, YOU are the one who injected race into this discussion, I didn't mention it. I didn't even "talk around" the subject of race. In my humble opinion, race has nothing to do with the Benghazi-gate issue, except for the fact that only white men died there. Happy now?


I have 4 sisters, two born in the early 50's, and two in the 60's. The two older ones are Dems, with the eldest a total Obama lover. The younger two are conservatives. No idea why the difference.

put a brake on your emotional perspective, and look at the facts on Blacks in this country. For various reasons, the Black family structure/culture disintegrated many years ago. BTW, the Dems had a huge hand in causing this. They are a small percentage of the population. The average measured IQ of Blacks world-wide runs 20 points lower than Caucasians. (note I said "average", doesn't mean there isn't some bright ones) (also note that Asians rank 7 points higher than Caucasians, so put a sock in it) For these and other reasons, you won't see many successful Black women in general. The ones that are, tend to be pretty exceptional people.

A friend made an interesting observation. He said that Blacks in Britain, and some other countries he has visited, seem to be brighter in general than Blacks here in the US. My guess is that slaves intended for field work here in the US were not selected for brains, but brawn. Deliberately selecting for physical attributes, and avoiding those with agile brains, could explain what we have here now. If this is what was done, it would go a ways toward explaining the perspective of whites 150-200 years ago, when they were dealing with a more original base population of selected African Blacks.
I'm guessing that no one has done any research on this subject, because it wouldn't be PC.

And no, I'm not a racist. Far from it. As an Aspie, I prefer facts over emotions. Much easier to deal with.


In case the attack on Susan Rice falters, do let us trot out an even bigger attack on yet another black woman! The House GOP has removed the lone woman as a committee head and now has an all-white, all-male roster of men as 2013 committee chairmen. There are two committees unselected, but won't be women, as they must be selected from existing members (GOP members, of course) of those committees, and ALL OF THEM ARE WHITE MEN! So, let's be honest, the GOP/right appears (at least appears) to be really, really offended by the gigantic (ha ha) number of black females with important jobs. Apparently, there just can't be enough older white men in charge of the universe, even in the 21st Century!

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