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December 16, 2012


Gerry N.

As is Palatial Thugge Manor here in far away, exotic Mt. Lk. Terrace, WA. Genset is under it's Dogloo near the back fence. The dog hates the dogloo, but it works very well for the genset. Lots o' fuel ratholed, lots o' food ratholed all windows and doors weather sealed, teevee shut off so I don't have to hear "We're all gonna die!!" repeatedly during the day. CD player loaded with Bluegrass, Zydeco, and sundry orchestral Christmas music all at random and on mains power until that stops, then on battery power. CPAPs all set up to switch from mains to battery. Lot's o' propane, and kerosene lights and a good ol propane stove for the galley if the mains fail.

Yep, all set.

Gerry N.

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