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December 02, 2012


Ragin' Dave

I'm at the "scorched earth" phase of my thinking right now. Raise the friggin' taxes. Raise them all. I want 90% tax rates on anyone making 100,000 a year or more. I want New Yorkers to pay so many damn taxes that they can't afford a slice of pizza from the corner store. I want Californians to pay so many taxes that they can't afford their frappa-mocha-latte-crappa-macciato in the morning. I want the people who voted for this Obamanation to pay so many damn taxes that they can't afford their house, or their car, or their groceries for that matter. I want them ruined. I want their homes foreclosed, their cars repossessed, their lives finished. I want the stores they shop in shuttered, I want the services they depend on closed down, I want their precious lives paid for with my tax dollars emptied out, dumped on the street and set on fire. And I want it to happen at the hands of the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party.

Piss on them all. Go over the fiscal cliff. I can survive it, if only because the Ragin' Mrs. and I have actual life skills that we can put to good use making sure we survive. Let the cities rot, die and burn, and let every friggin' Obama-voting, kool-aide guzzling socialist tool feel just what it's like to live in the country they voted for. The brainless Obama-bots of California are three meals away from anarchy. Give them their anarchy.

Burn it all and let them all go to hell.


Well said...except for the RIF and the G/R....We are being told to expect mucho cuts not only in operating money but also in personnel (I am in an Air Guard Unit)...Seeing the effects already with shops getting smaller even with the retirements going thru the roof over the last 6 months....


How clairvoyant, sistah deah. My guess has been that this IS the plan, it will reach well into next year getting thrashed out, too. If you read my post about "what Cliff", and believe it, the "Fiscal Cliff" is nothing that can't be survived, and my guess is that we will see only about a 10% market correction after the First of January, then the real work gets going. My bet: the Gopes will lose and have to raise taxes on the rich, but their target will be raised to at least $300K, not $250K. Boehner will get to close some loopholes, he will get to stop the stimulus spending (which is a Stalking Horse, anyway), and he won't make a dent in entitlements, but another Commission will be appointed to "study" them. The military will be the only outfit to be really, truly hurt. They haven't wound down from the wartime level of expenditures, and the "sequestration" will be a severe kick in the groin to them. I just heard a story of RIFs already starting. The Reductions in Force, of course, took me off of Active Duty in the mid-80s. Once again, the Guard and Reserve will soak up many of those experienced people, and be ready to give them back when the inevitable failures of diplomacy cause us to find another causus belli.


My bro, the dreamer. Actually, if we "go over the fiscal cliff" those Norquisters would be happy because the GOP could quickly come up with a bill to, get this, restore the Bush tax cuts (which by then would be gone) and thus pass themselves off as not raising taxes. Of course, doing nada, zippo, nuzzin' IS raising taxes.

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