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December 16, 2012


Richard Bergerson

I find no inaccuracies, nor anything to semi-seriously even quibble over - and I am not even a hunter, let alone ever labelled as a "gun nut" by people whose dumb opinions I give no credulance. I respect hunting; for food, and for trophies - even though I participate in neither. I went decades without any firearms; that way I can freely express my feelings like "I ought to kill you" without having a SWAT team storm my house. (Granted, there are more ways than guns to kill; but without a gun it is most likely ignorant, passionate, momentary bullshit.)
Out in the sticks, had a raccoon problem which could negatively affect our herd of indoor/outdoor cats. Live-trapped coons, had a neighbor shoot them. Now he didn't seem to mind, but I bought a .22 rifle; because I feel that if I want something dead, it is up to me to man up and handle it myself.
Now as long as I am not a felon, nor been medically cetified as crazy, I believe I have the right to own handguns, rifles of various sizes, et al. I'm content with one .22 rifle, but see no validity in trying to restrict others to my own personal choice(s).
Does this drive to force, cramp and squish us all into some government-approved box of choiceless and powerless quiet conformity ever going to quit. There is a movement to legalize pot; but before long I won't even be able to smoke my pipe in my own car or home if anyone young, or unhappy with second-hand smoke, may choose to be there also. Heck, someday guns may be outlawed not because they can be used to kill people (as can hands, knives, baseball bats and vehicles) but because they produce some smoke or air pollutants? Well, them pot-smokers can have my pipe and my gun when they pry it from my dead cold fingers - and that ain't gonna be easy.

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