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December 19, 2012


Wolfe Thorenson

I have to thank Time for the new targets for the range. I will copy the image off the net for my next trip to the range.


Which populous society has the Democrats "destroyed"? Lotta people die in cars. People get old and die. Guns shoot 20K people/year. Troops are killed in wars. But are the Democrats responsible for those?

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's a "Gofer Ball", Rivrsis, and I'm going to hit it out of the park. First, your stat on gun death: if you subtract out the suicides and the accidental shooting deaths, you are left with about 4-5K deaths by violent homicide. Not good, but not exactly a crisis, either. Now to the Democrats and culture: try to find when the GOPes have supported the disintegration of the culture by the film industry like the (D)s have, the disintegration of the cultural norm of marriage like the (D)s have, the politically-correct movement which is ALL (D), the failure to vigorously protect American interests abroad, (All (D) after Vietnam), and especially the promotion, by inaction, of Radical Islam, all (D) and all Obama. Add to that the horrid degradation of our cities with whacko mendicants, politely called "homeless", and the recent predation of unruly mobs calling themselves "the 99%", the toleration of radical anarchists, etc ad finitum ad nauseam. I'll autograph that baseball if you find it and bring it to me, Rivrsis.

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