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December 22, 2012



The National Guard and other official security were posted at AIRPORTS after 9/11. Not malls, theaters, grocery stores, public squares during parades, football fields, etc. But if you are going to post troops at schools, what about other vulnerable people (which includes children)? Wives of suspicious husbands? Vice versa? Participants in bad drug deals? Their immediate families? Their neighbors? Colleges - students, staff and faculty? Fast food restaurants? There've been mass shootings at all of these venues as well as schools. Do you really want the Gummint patrolling virtually every possible gathering place of more than one person? I don't and I'm a leftie.


OK, make up your (collective) rightie minds: Are Obama and "the left" and "the Demcraps", etc. Socalists, Communists, Fascists, or Nazis? They really are not the same points of view.

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