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December 17, 2012



About culture change: Violence appears to have generally been acceptable, even to the relgious right. Some years past, an element of the Baptist faith officially deemed science fiction blasphemous, a product of the devil. So gradually, books of science fiction stories have virtually completely disappeared from popular and mass distribution locales, such as grocery stores, Wal-Mart, and so forth. Oddly, so have "detective" type stories, where the theme is the pursuit of persons behaving evilly. However, we still have in great measure vampire tales, horror stories, thrillers, and zombie novels. Tales imagining the return of Naziism. Recently my local Safeway store has diminished the shelves of general popular novels to put two shelves in place of the recently best-selling soft-porn stories such as 50 Shades of Gray. Two shelves! Wal-Mart NEVER has science fiction, only occasionally has "fantasy" such as The Hobbit. Why is this entire genre of some of the best human imaginings eliminated at the behest of a modest group of religous proselytizers? And why do they apparently feel it's perfectly OK to sell all sorts of bloody, violent, evil and lustful material? Hmmm. Any ideas here, folks?

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