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December 20, 2012



This is what's wrong with the "Japanese Inventory" sysyem, where goods still in the supply chain are considered part of the retail inventory. When the balance of supply vs. demand in the system fails, the system crashes. "Just in time" inventory systems should never be used for vital commodities.

The danger to the 2A is that once having disrupted the supply of rifles by all the AWB talk and resultant panic, it's much easier for the gun-banners to accomplish their evil: the stores are empty of rifles, so there is an "oh, well" attitude when the supply of them doesn't resume.

Paul B

The model we are seeing in guns is the one the gas stations have been using for years. They do not use a cost plus model of pricing, the base the price on the supposed cost to replace the gallon sold.

You want to see inflation at work, guns and ancillary systems are it.

Gerry N.

I've never bought a damn thing from CDT. The only thing in their catalog that's cheap is the title. I did order something a year or two back, but when the shipping charges were over twice the agreed to quote, I cancelled the order with the promise I'd never deal with them again. Sportsman's Guide, on the other hand has always been up front and honest.

At least with me.

Gerry N.

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