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January 28, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I is a firm believer that "illegal is illegal", and that we ought to deport all illegals. Wait! I'm not as bad as that may sound. (I just like being dramatic!) Obama's program was tolerable (don't harass those not causing trouble) but only addressed 1/3 of the problem. We need registration to make illegal or "undocumented" folks legal and documented visitors (then deport those not registering). But then we need to track them, because registration is bogus without tracking or accounting. We want to keep the best, and the good, maybe even the tolerable. But not the bottom of the barrel, the users and takers. Issue a holographic card with photo and thumbprint, renewable and revokable. I want to see tax returns filed. No reported income - gotta be working under the table, dealing in illegalities or milking the welfare system - hello and goodbye! No return filed, card revoked. I have more ideas and details, but that's pretty much of it in a nutshell. Pay into SS, if you become a citzen you have half or 2/3rds credit for your contributions. Etc.,etc.


I think that there is a compromise we can reach.

Each illegal alien signs a plea bargain that basically confesses to entering the country illegally, which is a felony punishable by more than one year in prison, and is released after serving something like one day in the county lockup, and pays a nominal fine, or something. In exchange for that confession, he gets to live here, as an Legal Alien, apply for citizenship (take the test) BUT forfeits any right to vote (particularly in elections of federal offices), or own a firearm, just like any other felon. I can see some who would want to require English Language skills and long-term residency proof, etc. I won't quibble, but that is secondary.

This means that the democrat party can't import a bunch of voters to swamp the votes of American citizens, and the illegals don't need to fear every cop they see. (As things are now, the illegals are a target for extortion and mistreatment because of their illegal status.) They are then also entitled to social security retirement benefits (which they have been paying for all along, but not eligible to collect), and have to pay normal income taxes, etc.

We need some way to make sure that one adult in the family taking the deal does not lead to everyone else in his family getting immunity from deportation. The goal is to regularize the status of each immigrant, without swamping out the votes current citizens.

Some would complain that this makes immigrants second-class citizens. I say, second class is better than nothing, and their kids get in on the American dream.

This only works as a viable compromise if voter registration is made more secure - showing ID, checking the ID against the voter rolls, etc.

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