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January 21, 2013



They say "if it saves one life, then it is worth it."

You should say, "If it can cost even one life, then you must not do it." This puts them on the defensive, and they must prove that they will do no harm.


On point Sir. If a piece of paper would keep one safe then every woman having a restraining order against an aggressor would never be harmed. The pres and the press admit the actions taken and proposed will not prevent evil from occurring.
They want a compromise yet fail to state what they will give up.
The danger coming is the BS common sense universal background check. The only way that would work would require complete registration of all firearms. The claim that 40% of all sales are made without back ground checks is bogus. How is that number derived when there is no record?
Well I am preaching to the choir; thank you for having a place I can vent.

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