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January 08, 2013



Well, she did get shot in the head, so I'll give her a pass. No excuse for what her husband said, though.


Just because you got shot, doesn't mean other people don't need shootin'.
I mind DeWitt Wallace, founder of Reader's Digest. He got shot up really badly in WWI, and Reader's Digest was rather anti-gun, forever after that.

Malcom Forbes, Sr., a Sergeant and Machine Gunner, got shot up rather badly in WWII, and discouraged his son from arming himself. His boy bought a shotgun, anyway.

Hey, humans are dangerous! We do kill each other, from time to time. Hell, humans are the only critters who will kill you for your bad taste in music. I mean, if you play that opera CD one more time... It is only prudent to keep a weapon handy to defend yerself from the other humans!

Windy Wilson

Rand Paul (Ron Paul?) gave a speech recently in which he said that if we give up our rights when the going gets rough and we are afraid of something, what exactly are we fighting to protect?
I recall something to the effect that the Weimar Constitution under which every Nazi atrocity was conducted was in fact modeled on the US Constitution except for one key difference. Each right was prefaced with words to the effect, "except insofar as the interests of justice require." Odd, every time the right came up against the interest of the state, the interests of justice required the right to yield.

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