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February 09, 2013


Patriot Padre

If you're civilian emergency services or military... present or past and seriously care about our country, the Constitution and your oath, check out Oath Keepers...... http://oathkeepers.org/oath/


I do suggest making and keeping actual lists of your friends, family, co-workers and others who are vocal about their Anti-2A passions.

That's my list of people I won't help if the balloon goes up. That's my list of people whom I explicitly distrust. That's my list of traitors, anti-American conspirators and likely foes when the SHTF.

But, the list is important, 'cause every damn one of 'em will be shufflin' and smilin' like long lost siblings when things turn against 'em, and I, for one, intend to fully remember their perfidies.

I won't be the judge or the punisher, but I'll damn sure not be the rube.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Windy Wilson

I think that calling up the militia doesn't even require waving guns around. If I remember correctly, the bulk of the 101st Airborne training at Toccoa did not involve weapons training. They became fit, jump qualified, became weapons qualified, and it was at the next camp where they did small unit maneuvers.
Just getting a bunch of men to exercise in ranks and call themselves, say, the "Robert Hale Merriman Militia" (that alone ought to get the GFW Lefties all confused!) should be enough to alarm the Leftists. Remember the Michigan Militia in 1994? A bunch of overweight middle aged men wearing camo field jackets. The media tried to spin that like they had video from that Al Qaeda center in Virginia.


Truth. The gun grabbers I debate think they can just snap their fingers and "appropriate people" like the police or military will just come in and take all those nasty guns. They tend to get a panicky look on their faces when I suggest that a large percentage of the police and military might be on OUR side. Furthermore, the ones who aren't might not be willing to make themselves potential targets for the purpose of fulfilling your utopian agenda. What??? You mean many gun owners might fight a Civil War rather than just comply with "the law?" Yup, read your American History...

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