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February 15, 2013


Gerry N.

Ten or so years ago I bought a bag of 500 .38 Spec. wadcutter reloads at the WAC show in Puyallup, WA. The second one I fired felt like I had fired a .357 Mag. I too, took the rest home and weighed 'em. The weight of some rounds was five grains above what it should have been, some were three to five grains below. I took the remaining 498 back to the vendor who didn't want to talk about it. The Sergeant At Arms had some words with him and got my money back. I never saw that vendor at another WAC show again.

That and the handloaded .308 Win. rounds my wife got at a garage sale are the reason I will never again fire another round loaded by someone else. Thirty of the roughly 175 .308 rounds had 53 grains of red dot in them. Turned out the old boy who loaded 'em was beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's at the time. I pulled all the bullets, and used the powder on my wife's roses. They were superb that Summer. I reused the primed cases for 130 gr. cast bullet loads with 10 gr. of Unique. They were fine for that.

Gerry N.

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