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June 10, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Thank you Ragin' Dave, I respect and agree with your criteria. Furthermore, Manning just dumped tons of material with no regard to any consideration that some classified information actually should remain classified, while other material ought to be exposed to the light of day. Granted, it is an individual personal decision as to what information is which; but if I was to disclose any classified information, it would only be the limited information that I felt was so needed to be exposed that I was willing to pay the price for exposing it.

Gerry N.

CRAP. Brain Phart. I got Manning and Snowden cornfused. My bad. Chalk it up to age and confusion.

Gerry N.

When Manning gets charged and a website is set up to benefit him, my checkbook will get some exercise. I haven't got much, but if enough of us who haven't got much help a little, it'll turn into a lot.

Gerry N.

Ragin' Dave

I'll use the same criteria on him that I use on Bradley Manning: How many people died because of what they leaked?

Manning: No official count, but if you think that the Taliban just let the names of collaborators sit unused, you're daft. A good estimate is in the hundreds. At least.

Snowden: No official count, but it'll probably be just one, and that one will be him.

The difference between the two should show the vast gulf between their actions.

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