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June 11, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Please correct me if I am wrong. I kinda think most of us already knew this, at least in our hearts and souls, but maybe without any definite proof. Now maybe we didn't talk about it except to close like-minded friends, but we were pretty sure of it; but didn't want to sound like some kook or crazy conspiracy nut. Self? I figured our only maybe saving grace was my personal insignificance coupled with the sheer volume of information, multiplied by bureaucratic incompetence.
What I find most amazing, if I have the story right, is that dude was fairly new (3 months I read/heard somewhere). Regardless of tenure, must there not be a whole ton or more of sheepeople who also knew about this, way before Snowden, and were too obedient to exercise any integrity and/or any patriotic principles?
Let me give an example of how "connected" we are. I ordered a $0.50 USB camera/computer cable from Amazon, never ordered anything from Amazon before. They told me that my address wasn't "ABC Hwy XY" but rather "ABC Highway XY", and added the additional last four digits to my 5 digit submitted ZIP code. Never ordered anything from them before, but they know my address is "highway", not "hwy" and all 9 digits of my zip code. I don't find that comforting. If business can do that, government can mine that data.


Here, Here! So far, you've put this matter in the best, easy read format I've found to date. Keep up the good work!

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