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January 11, 2015


fred carter

O did not go because he would not have been the center of attention. He is the chief, narcissistic , SOB in charge.


An interesting set of speculations, Polly. Any of them could be a reason for Obama not attending, but what about those who DID attend? Mahmoud Abbas had nothing on the table there, nor did any of the African leaders. No, those VIPs attended because their heads were in the right place. Ours failed to attend because theirs weren't. Ca suffit pour moi.

tom k.

this Islamist lap dog, has drug this nation down to defeatism and he and all the other oligarchs need to be removed ,regardless of party.And punished.He said he was going to change the country,and he has.No one has the balls to stand up to him because he is black.Our freedoms are being eroded daily and dont see them being returned with out a Revolution. God bless America and save us from this Islamist.

Polly Mitchell

I think it's fair to criticize the lack of a high government official at the march, but I don't think it's fair to turn it into a millimeter short of requesting a Kenyan birth certificate of Obama. I am sure he does not "support jihad", as many far-righters are stating and have been for years now. Nonsense. I can think of several possible reasons for not sending Biden or for Obama not attending, or for not sending the Chief Justice, etc., as was done for Churchill's funeral. The deceased were not leaders. Perhaps France requested they not attend for security reasons. Perhaps the US decision was not to dominate the basically European event. Putin didn't attend, either, nor did the top Chinese officials. Maybe it was decided not to send top US leaders for US-decided security reasons. After all, the French weren't able to defend a few Jewish institutions and a gadfly magazine, either. Oddly in this context, the most people defended were by an Islamic employee of the Jewish market. Given all that, it was a strange and moving tribute. Clearly France's 9/11.



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