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December 09, 2015


Richard Bergerson

You are so right - mostly, like about 98 or 99% so. Now I would take issue with your inclusion of Harry Potter books. Not because they aren't fantasy, most assuredly are; but I grew up reading Tales of Arabian Nights, The Deerslayer, The Call of the Wild, Moby Dick and other fantasies, including Bambi too! Reading is good, It broadens one's horizons and teaches reading, vocabulary, spelling and writing - to some extent.

But I do have to agree that television and movies are escapist fantasy - that doesn't even develop or nurture imagination - because they leave little room for imagination, and present a totally bogus reality. Reality television? I was a bank collector for four years and the highlights of my work wouldn't fill a two-hour show. Cops? God bless them! Their days mostly boring, but always have to be on high alert because any encounter may go catti-wampus.

Of course the most bogus reality shows are the news, or what purports to be the news. Regardless of source, pretty much all one-sided according to their bent - and thus one must surf sources in order to view the whole picture from various perspectives (some of which I find more or less fault with - but I want to expose myself to their position in order to evaluate both theirs and mine).
But, agreeing with about all of your examples other than not fully with books, we are immersed in Orwell's 1984 where double-speak is rampant and straight-shooters are too rare. So we darn well need to develop and cherish our personal ability to be straight shooters (in every sense) and our ability to recognize and respect fellow straight shooters - because as you write, too many people are content to live in their fantasy world, because they don't want to put forth the effort to see reality and put forth the effort to make it better.

Are we akin to the ancient Romans, content with out daily allotment of bread and other foodstuff, amused by circuses, ignoring those at and past our borders wanting to take what we or those before us earned - because we prefer go be comfortable?

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