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July 29, 2017



OK, thanks for the update.



Merle, when I first started with LEOSA quals 12 years ago, most Chief Range Officers interpreted the law that way, because that's the way most police outfits do weapons quals. The LEOSA law doesn't SAY that, though, and there is no leeway for agencies to write that in. I wrote to DPSST (POST) here in OR on it, I challenged them to find where the law said two quals to carry both types. They admitted there was no such language, and directed all Oregon agencies to stop interpreting it that way.

Some advantages of the revo over a pistol: 1. You can put malfunctions right out of your mind, there are none with a revo, but at least three are common with pistols. Remedy of tap, rack and go usually takes 2 to 3 seconds, reseating a magazine 3 to 4, etc...little clock room for clearing malfunctions, you bust a stage and thereby the qual. 2. grip and stance are less important, the gun fires anyway. Limp-wristing only hurts you if you drop it!

In actual gunfights, you are round-limited, but you have single-action to use, and if you can rest the revo on a barricade (like you do to start the quals here), you should be able to hit K5 farther out than a pistoleer with your rested shots. In 1973 when I started, we had to score 5 out of six K5 at 60 yards with 357. We were allowed to do prone or Creedmore stance for that stage, though.


Remind me to never hide out in you Linen Closet on Training Day.


I thought you had to qualify with both the revolver and the auto?


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