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January 05, 2018


Ragin' Dave

I've never been a fan of the Libertarian style "Oh, but it's just me doing what I want to do, man!" drug use. Drug use isn't a victimless crime. Someone else will ALWAYS be affected, whether it's the kid who's mommy is too stoned to be a parent, or the taxpayers forced to pay for healthcare on someone who can't stop jabbing dirty needles into their legs and getting MRSA infections that require millions of dollars.

If I could block their actions from affecting me, then they might have an argument. But they can't, and they know it. Been to the Pugetropolis lately? Last time I was there, driving from SeaTac to Ft. Lewis, I saw plenty of people toking on a bong while doing 55 down I-5 on a Thursday evening.

If it affects me, then I should have some say in it, and I say "No, sorry, you don't get to get high all day every day while I put up with the consequences of your actions".


There you go applying common sense & logic again! :)


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