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After 45 years of work, I'm now learning to relax. My life interest in boating now includes my own boat, a 30' Tollycraft Sport Cruiser, a fast, roomy boat that loves rough water. She is named "Lofoten Girl" after the previous owner's wife's Norsk heritage. I belong to a Yacht Club.

I have 4 grown children and my lovely wife Blanche, a sweet gal with the grit to handle ALL of life's up and downs.

I own a fine house in a suburb of Portland, OR, purchased with my inheritance from my father, who was a national treasure. There will be more about him later.

I have a BA in General Studies, Social Science, from Portland State University, Class of 1966. I have been continuing my private education since then, mostly by READING works by people who are vastly more intelligent than I.

My first career was in the military, where I trained for and flew as a crew Navigator in B-52's, with combat missions (142, 20 over the North) in Viet Nam during Operations Arc Light and Bulletshot2.
I started my "civilian" career as a Deputy Sheriff for Multnomah County after my first tour of flying duty, then resumed flying B-52's as a Radar Navigator (Bombardier) after 7 years in law enforcement, then resumed my law enforcement career and finished my military career with the Oregon Air National Guard, and finished my police career in May 2003.

I have actively observed politics since I was 16, and forty-five years of THAT has given me a good enough perspective to be a pundit, but NO desire to participate in the process. I am an inveterate writer of political letters to the editor, and this weblog is really an outgrowth of my desire to WAKE UP the majority of our nation that is still politically asleep. I buy no one's political philosophy totally, but am generally conservative.

I guess I have anywhere from five to thirty years of life left, so I have little time left on my life's mission to encourage the citizens of this Republic to READ and THINK FOR THEMSELVES.


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