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September 20, 2005



A while back Kim had something on this, and linked to a place that sold the heavy plastic jerry cans. By any chance you remember where it was?


Good post. Any thoughts on buying surplus fuel containers like these 5 gal Swiss Jerry Cans?


Is it better to buy new than used? Seems to me I can get 4 used ones for the price of a new one. Any reconditioning I need to be aware of?


The problem of buying used is that you don't know how the jerry jugs were used. If they were cared for according to the Army Manual or Air Force Tech Order, you're probably safe.

If fuel is stored outdoors in Jerry jugs, eventually the hydrophilic (waterloving) fuel will build up a tiny amount of water in the bottom of the jug. This will work to rust the bottom seam. The jug may get a pinhole leak in it. Sometimes these leaks show by inspecting the bottom of the can and sometimes they don't.

The leaks would take a long time to drain the jug, but any leak makes a fire hazard immediately. I've never bought used fueling equipment, always new, for this reason.


How lond can one store unleaded gass in steel jerry cont. and 50 gal drums and still use it for your car.?

Editor's Answer: If you use chemical stabilizer, such as "Stabil", they claim up to 2 years. If you do nothing, but you can control the temperature, it goes downhill fast after 90 days.

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