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February 24, 2006


Gerry N.

DO NOT use canned corned(Bully)beef, it does not go well with mac'n'cheese. Another canned delight to avoid like the plague with m'n'c is canned shrimp. I learned these through hard experience. Tuna, canned chicken, canned ham in the tuna size can, diced up Spam, and Albertson's house brand of Spam type luncheon meat, are all good. I cannot abide the taste of Armour's Treet, even my dog won't eat it.

For some reason mac'n'cheese is packaged in non water resistant cardboard boxes, so exposure to any dampness degrades it quickly and horribly. for my camping and trailer stores, I immediately put the boxes in 1 Qt. zip-lock bags. Shelf life then extends to three to four years. I also buy the cheapest mac'n'cheese on sale. I prefer Leonardo's when I can find it. Paying more than thirty cents a box is unnecessary, at least for me. I find the el-cheapo brands to be slightly different, but not inferior in flavor to the major brands.


FWIW- I always have a plastic jar of peanut butter in my get 'n go bag. It's not something you'd want to have for every meal forever, but it will give you ample amounts of protein & fats (we're NOT talking diet here)to keep 'er going for a couple of days. You can eat it with your finger, or in the other usual ways if you have the time & supplemental foods.
It's perfect SHTF short term primary food.

Mike Wilson

If you want to keep the fat content, you could use extra virgin olive oil in place of the butter.


Kraft also finally put no-drain microwave directions on the box. That's no use if you don't have electricity, of course, but could prove handy in other situations. For example, most gas station food shops have microwaves for customer use; while on the road bugging out, you could probably convince most such places to let you nuke your mac n' cheese for free.

Light & Dark

To add to Gerry's list of no-go protein sources with M&C - forget about adding clams either. That was the only meal I made on a 2 month cross-Canada bike trip that I simply couldn't choke down.



Just a thought...

Found out the hard way that rats absolutely love mac & cheese. They gnawed through my ALICE pack hanging from what I thought was a vermin-free hook in the center of the garage last year and had a feast on it.

So - boxes not watertight, and bags not odor resistant.

Good news though, I used that as an excuse to buy a new Kelty bag on sale from REI (like $40 or so) and trimmed three whole pounds off my kit weight.

What I recommend is get rid of the mac altogether, try replacing it with some of the new PLUS products from Barilla - http://www.barillaus.com - which have a whopping 17g of protein / 7g fiber / 360 mg of Omega-3 per 1 cup uncooked, and stock up on tomato sauce which will stave off scurvy and flavor just about any (pigeon, rabbit, squirrel, rat, cat) emergency meat you have to secure.

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