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March 04, 2006



Napoleon: An Army travels on its stomach. Patton said a bunch of other noteworthy stuff I won't go into here. Like your blog.


Vermin like the rats that tore open my ALICE pack hanging on a supposedly secure hook in the middle of my garage are why I no longer pack mac & cheese in my go bag.

Not only are the boxes worthless when they get wet, the package isn't odor proof, possibly the cheese powder. That's why the rats targeted my go bag, which for years had been just fine until right after I updated it post-tsunami in early 2005.

After replacing the 15 year old pack with a nice new Kelty from REI online (a steal at $50 and shaved 3 whole lbs off) I looked at a great mac n cheese alternative:

Check out Barilla's new PLUS pasta: http://www.barillaus.com which has 17 of protein, 7 g fiber, and 360mg of Omega 3 in each 1 cup dry. Add to this some canned or jarred tomato sauce, and use some canned cheese spread of even some of that indestructible government cheese if you like.

Why tomato sauce you ask?? The tomato sauce has lots of vitamin C (great for staving off scurvy) and the benefits for lycopene are here: http://barillaus.com/Lycopenes.aspx

Better nutritional bang for your buck, and same weight profile, but you will have to repack the macaroni elbows.


Another food tip: Use those disposable chopsticks as lightweight alternatives to forks and spoons... Great for stirring cheese or other sauces and just discard later.

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