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February 21, 2004


Max Draper

Just finished reading "Unfit For Command" I wish all Americans would do the same and keep in mind who the terrorist want as President of the U.S.A when they vote this November.

Larry McClintick EMC USN (ret)

I served with PCF Division 105 66-67.Then back in country aboard USS SiouxATF-75 in 71 to salvage the SS Greenbay.I want to know why kerry will not open his Service Record.Let the American public see if he is who he says he is.I sure as hell do not appreciate being called a baby killer by a guy that was supposed to be one of our own.I also do not like the fact that he is one of the most anti-military clowns in the Senate nor the fact that he has been AWOL in the war on terror. Chief


He did serve on swiftboats. Here's an interesting link http://www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnkerry.com/page2.html


This is RedDog1 to anyone from CTF-115....Where are you?

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