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February 25, 2004



Outsourcing better get addressed and this applies to both parties.

If Kerry does get elected, we will still have to hold his feet to the fire to ensure this is addressed.

No more free lunch for these companies and the politicians who placate them along with the institutions and economists like Mankiw, etc who say outsourcing is good.

If loyalties lie with these companies and India, China and wherever, then they should do us the favor. Save us a lot of money by outsourcing their jobs and they can take up Mankiw's "Great Manufacturing Jobs." and don't let the door smack them on the ass on the way out!

Joshua O'Keefe

Whomever has the balls to start mouthing the "economy, stupid!" catchphrase is going to clean up in November. And to John Q. Murrican, that translates to jobs.

The elephants have been trumpeting an invisible economic recovery for so long that they'll have to do some clever tricks to pull it off. The donkey folks are stubbornly trying to avoid braying as Clinton did.

It's worth noting, though, that Clinton got elected, in no small part due to the force of crying "Jobs!". Jobs are even more "baseball and apple pie" than a "tough on..." style upstanding citizen stance. Whoever picks up the jobstick will wield a powerful weapon on Election Day.

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