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March 02, 2004


Joshua O'Keefe

My first instinct is to respond in the negative: Peace isn't love, nor capital-L "Love." It is respect. Respect even for that which you abhor, or which abhors you. I would think it to occur only when the respect is mutual, or universal, or "wider," as you say. An imbalance in respect leads to conflict and entropy.


While I was tempted to agree initially, I have to say that that definition is not quite exact.

You cannot have peace with your neighbor if you love him properly and he does not respond in kind. It must be mutual.

You can, however, have peace (defined here as "not war") even if you don't love your neighbor. Mutually assured destruction and all that rot.


Woah... still waters run deep, sir. I'll have to think about it too.

Denita TwoDragons


...let me get back to you on that. Good question, there!


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