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October 11, 2004



Huck, only a committed liberal (also known as a big government enthusiast) would boast about having a Senator that was able to get his state a larger slice of the "pie".

Where is your sense of justice? Since you are a Democrat, certainly you must feel something for those who are less fortunate (read, have Senators with less "clout").

I am a veteran, as you might have guessed, and I have had three bases closed out from under me: Westover AFB, MA; March AFB, CA and K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI. I'm sure the citizens who depended on the income from those bases wouldn't appreciate your lording it over them because "your" base remained open.

I'm also sure that those in the forest products industries in my state of Oregon don't appreciate Sen. Daschle's support of the environmentalist agenda that has cost Oregon over half it's livelihood in the last 15 years.

It all depends on whose ox is gored, my friend.


It's Daschle, not Dashle.

I live in Lead, about 30 miles north of Custer. Getting rid of Daschle may seem like such a grand idea for someone who so obviously doesn't understand his importance, who says such based solely on party lines.

Daschle is a gift to this state. When Ellsworth Air Force Base, (A major economic contributor here in the West River) was going to be closed, Daschle fought it to keep it open. He has strived for Drought Aid here in South Dakota. To those of you out of staters who want Daschle out cuz he's a 'crat', we're in the middle of the worst drought we've had since the 1970's. Daschle is working to help us out, and has brought 2 of the largest water projects into our state.

So by saying Adios to Daschle and put in his rival, John Thune, which I'm sure neither of you know anything about him. We would be replacing one of the most powerful men in the senate with someone who's never even been there before. Wow, that makes alot of sense.

As a South Dakotan I'm disgruntled by your uninformed, party-biased, comments.


Sweet, I've been there as well...beautiful country. I agree with Acidman..SD should "adios" Dashle.

On a similiar note, I just visited the Alamo, thought I would stay 30 min...stayed 4 hours.

Safe trip.


That's beautiful country around there. If South Dakota gets rid of Tom Dashle this year, it'll be one of my favorite states.

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