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October 23, 2004


Denita TwoDragons

Oh same here--I've heard that expression since as far back as I can remember! Same as hogwashers.

Of course being from Texas I'm familiar with all sorts of Southernisms. I used to crack my mother's Northerner family up with some of the turns of phrase I'd picked up living in the South. Like when I've been walking a long time, I'm prone to saying "My dogs are barking!" Or someone who brags a lot with nothing to show for it (like maybe a certain long-faced Senator we all know and loathe?) is "All hat and no cattle..." Or if I'm stressed and it shows, I look "Rode hard and put away wet!"

Oh there's so many I could go into--but I know you're probably nodding in recognition of all of them! ;-)



Been using "the devil is beating his wife" since I was a kid.

What is happening when "the Devil is beating his wife"?

Oh hell... I got that one right way: it's raining cats and dogs while the sun is shining. A fine old southern expression. ;]

But you're right: not too many people would be able to translate it.

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