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October 12, 2004



Oh, and I forgot to say:

Mr. Kerry, your clintonian advisors, mindful of their real boss, Bill Clinton, and the overall objective of saving/boosting HIS reputation, not yours, have inserted the "law enforcement" goal into your boilerplate terrorism speech.

You've actually said that you would fight terrorism, and I applaud that, even though I listen to your words with skepticism. Now you have flipped over to the clintonian way of dealing with terror, "terror as a law enforcement issue".

Let me put this to rest. I was in law enforcement for 25 years, so I know it's capabilities and it's limitations. I'll caption this so you may easily cut and paste it:

Law enforcement, in it's most effective incarnation, is not capable of fighting world-wide Islamic fundamentalist terror. It never was, and never will be.

The most professional forces of the world's armies (those whose governments will allow them to fight terror) have that capability. They are the obvious choice, and the only choice.

Mr. Kerry, your comparison of terror to the "nuisance" of organized crime and the "evils" of such "crimes" as prostitution shows me two things:

First, you have been bought, lock, stock and barrel, by Bill Clinton, and second, you don't have a clue of the roles of either law enforcement or the military, which are professions that I have served full careers in.

Mr. Kerry, you do not deserve the office that you now hold, and by no stretch of the imagination do you deserve to be President of the United States.

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