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November 03, 2004



Very interesting, isn't it? Bush needs to move away from those of us who supported him, and immediatly start to do what the left wanted in order to be a uniter and legitimate president.

It's amazing to watch the left self immolate right now. I have waded through a lot of verbiage from the port side of the blogosphere, and all I see are insults, not introspection.

My wife was/is a devout Kerry supporter - or, more appropriatly, an anti_Bush crusader. She's upset over the loss, but thinks that the party needs to change, not the 59+ million people who voted for Bush.

You got a LOT of reaching out to do there, bro....

Charlie Delta

Absolutely excellent article. I loved the "First warning has been issued" article as well. Reality is not usually something I find out there, and I just wanted to thank you for bringing to light possibilities that I would have never even thought of.

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