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December 23, 2004



Found you through "The Smallest Minority" blog. A quick Google search reveals the author to be Michael Marks. It was written December 7, 2000.

(December 7 is, as you all know, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.)

Guy S.

That is some powerful stuff alright. What makes it even harder sometimes, is knowing, given the chance I would willingly trade places with any youngster over there so they could have a chance at living a full and healthy life, safe back home.

But with any luck at all there will be enough of us *old timers* around when "Johnny Comes Marching Home", to see they get the recognition they deserve.

Merry Christmas to you and yours *Dog*. May the New Year bring you Fair Winds and Following Seas and the best angle of attack possible in order to deal with what ever life tosses your way.

Kevin Baker

I'm stealing that. Thanks.


Yep. You got it. Right in the heart!

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