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February 24, 2005


Mrs. R.

I had the distinct honor and privilege of knowing Clint. I attended his funeral yesterday---St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Columbus, TX. One of the most reverent, AWESOME ceremonies I have ever attended. A lovely, holy event. I felt overwhelming peace and immense pride. May our fallen heroes rest in peace. God bless and protect our heroes still serving.

Heartless Libertarian

It should be noted that, while SGT Plumendore's unit is based at Ft Lewis, WA, 25ID headquarters is at Schofield Barracks, in Hawaii. Which means that that 2-star flew in from HI to be there for the service.

andrew keith hanson

I am a nobody to anybody who will read this, just a gun-toting, freedom loving , tax resisting right wing person who loves the u.s.a and the political and social and religious beliefs and values it was founded upon and which have earned it the good graces of god from day one.....however, we are in danger of losing that blessing because of our own faltering personal morality individually, and as a nation collectively, however, these men fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price of freedom (they have as Jefferson said, provided the natural manure of the tree of freedom - the blod of tyrants and patriots - I cannot do their sacrifice justice, only recognize that they have made it , pray that god has mercy and blessings only for their souls in the great beyond and offer to their families my thanks, gratitude, and feel less of a man myself because i have not in some way dissuade the need for them to make such sacrifice or to ease their families suffering....andrew h.

Joe Huffman

I'm not so sure you're being fair to the MSM in Seattle this time. I found two Seattle Times articles, two Seattle PI articles, two Tacoma News Tribune articles, and a KOMO TV mention. See http://blog.joehuffman.org/archive/2005/02/25/1476.aspx for those and other MSM mentions. To keep watch on what else shows up use this link:



There is so much good in the blogosphere, or at least in this little region of it, that I can't begin to think of a rant tonight....

Thank you all, my friends, for your kind comments and trackbacks. I have one more Service to attend, and that is just down the road from my house here in Gresham, on Tuesday.

We shall see how my town remembers Sgt. Plumondore...



Thank you, my friend, for your presence and for standing there for all of us.

More the thanks though, to Adam, Frank and Clinton, for standing over there, in the stead of us all.

We are forever humbled, yet strengthened by their greatness and sacrafice.

And they shall live 'evermore, in the hearts of their family, countrymen and in the embrace of a just and loving God.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Dave in Texas

Thank you, Major Schneider.


Thank You for representing us Major Schneider.
Your description was so simple, yet so elegant, it made one feel that they were there.

Adam, Frank, Clinton: May you rest in peace among the Honored dead you have earned your place among them.

And to the families I wish to thank them for their sacrifices and hope they can take comfort in their grief that their men were truly worthy of any honor one can think of.

Jay G

God Bless and keep Adam, Frank, and Clinton.

And thank you, Major Schneider, for sharing this with us.

Scott Nickell

Thanks for representing all Americans in honoring these heroes who gave their all. God bless them and their families. God bless America! Scott Nickell, LCDR, USN (Ret), Bainbridge Island, WA


God bless you for being there on behalf of all of us. Thank you for the photos as well.

RIP Sergeant.

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