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April 26, 2005


Guy S.

You just can't do this!! Why, you are using facts!, man, facts to back up your argument. That just isn't fair I tell ya....everyone knows the liberal point of view is supported by raw unadulterated (err...wait a minute, they are for adultery too..scotch that) make that non doctored emotions!! (and the less doctors are involved the better...holistic medicine is where it's at man) Why a well placed tear drop while voicing your "truths" is like a punch to the jaw of those conservatives...a quivering jaw and stutter in you voice...it will let you off the hook for youthful oval office discretions every time (or get you just a slap on the wrist). The operative word here is "feelings".

And that is what we need to be fighting. They are going to make all guns out to be evil, and by association all gun owners. "Don't those guns look evil?" "Don't those guns make you feel scared?" "How would you feel if your child was killed with a hand gun, rifle, shotgun, ....?" "Doesn't it scare you to know your neighbor could have guns in their house?" "What if your child was over there playing with their child and they found one?"

But you know this already. I hope your words are read and serve as a well reasoned reminder to those of us already in agreement with you. And for the rare person out their who wanders in here and reads this, who hasn't made up their mind, that it tips the scale towards honoring the second amendment for all that it's worth.

(yeah, ya pushed one of my buttons) Great post my friend.

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