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April 21, 2005



luvin the pussy on ere tits r perfect ;) keep the gd werk up


very sexy

kaitlin  mangan

your are very sexy i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tak you


Thanks for clearing that up, Donna! 8D


It was I who spoke with you about Hooters. There wa mention of me applying at Hooter's but was told I was overqualified. As Bob Hope always sang,"Thanks for the mammories"

Guy S.

I commend you sir on keeping abreast of this timely topic, or are you just milking it for all it's worth? Mammories are made of sights such as these, and how you continue to come up with such high quality pictorials is an udder mystery to me. Tits enough to bring a smile to the face of the most jaded of girl watchers...even they can't say you muffed this one.

*notes the meds are wearing off now*


Anyone have some kleenex? Im off to the bathroom. Did I just say that out loud?


I must be in the throes of a serious SM! I don't remember suggesting anything remotely connected to this post. Maybe you have me confused with another confused person?

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