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May 29, 2005


marcus mcbain

I typed it wrong..."George Llanes"

marcus mcbain

Thank you for posing this. My grandfather was George Llances, I didn't know him very well because of my mother, but I knew him as a great man. Both my bother and I served in the Military and I completed one tour in Iraq.

Guy S.

My Great Uncle William (Bill) Lorenz, who was a part of Patton's Third Army push into Germany.


Wendell Norris served in the Navy during WWII. Thank you, Granddaddy.


Two great-uncles: George Llanes and Ray Wells. Don't know their ranks, just that George was in the Navy as a diver and Ray in 3rd Army Infantry from France to the end. Neither would ever talk about it, though George wound up on full disability the last few years.

George died a few years ago. I miss him.


Captain Oscar Schneider, Medical Corps, US Navy, deceased. Served 1933 to 1963. Flight surgeon aboard several carriers during the Pacific campaigns of WW2.

Major Leo Schneider, Medical Corps, US Army, deceased. Served 1934 to 1946. Captured at Corregidor Island, survived the Bataan Death March, and 4 years of Japanese captivity. Saved many lives with his medical skills while a prisoner of war.

Sgt. Adam J. Plumondore, United States Army, deceased. Sgt. Plumondore gave his life defending Freedom and his Nation in battle in Iraq this year.

We are grateful for the service and the sacrifices of these men. Lord God, they have earned your Rest and Peace forever. Shelter them, please. This I pray.

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