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June 24, 2005


Light & Dark

While I agree with a great deal of what you're getting at, the idea of testing 11 year-olds for college suitablility is simply retarded. I also don't think 'competetiveness' in school is universally responsible for pushing students to better grades (not that I think that's what you meant). t simply doesn't work for a great many students.

I got top marks, was valedictorian 3 times, and never gave a rat's ass about what other people's grades were. In fact, I used to tutor friends in my specialty subjects so they could beat my grades, in exchange for help with my weaker subjects. I only ever measured my performance against my past performance.

Like everyone, I often found the testing process stupid, but I absolutely agree that students need marks to guage their progress. This feel-good 'everybody's a winner' even if they don't learn squat, is dumbing down society to dangerous levels. (Like we could afford to get any lower even back 25 years ago.)


Mr. Completely

Well said, Rivrdog! If only our school teachers and administrators would read your post. Sadly, as products of our educational system, I suspect that many of them can't read.......

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