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July 29, 2005


dave bones

Hi I filmed with Abu Hamza and the supporters of shareeah over a two year period. I've got some films online I'd value your opinion of



Daniel Day

Thanks for the links. I skimmed through. Call me a nit-picker but I take issue with "he is incorrect that the discipline is recent". The theoretical background was valuable (was it Newton or Gauss who credited his discoveries to "standing on the shoulders of giants"), but there was *no such thing* as the discipline of calculus until Newton and Liebnitz developed it. I give credit to those two geniuses because I think it is due.

Daniel Day

That would be the late *17th* century, sorry.

Daniel Day

Riverdog, are you sure it is calculus? I believe it was algebra, which has an Arabic-sounding name for a reason, while calculus was invented in the late 18th century by Liebnitz and Newton. This detracts nothing from the genius of the invention of algebra.

mostly cajun

Religions are institutions. I interacted with people.

Mr. Completely

The task is to say something nice about Islam. Your answer was saying something nice about Arabs. Do you want comments on the religion of Islam, or Arabs in general, or just Islamic Arabs? Are we talking about the people, or their religion?

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