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August 27, 2005




We'd have to strike a new public service medal for the towboat crew who would drive that push into the storm...

mostly cajun

I **LIKE** your coal barge idea, except that as a Louisiana taxpayer who's watched dollars poured into New Orleans like cheap wine into a Bourbon Street derelict, I would suggest that the barges be propelled in the opposite direction...


Nobody's talking about Mobile Bay, which is on the East side of the projected track as well. Any surge there of over 12 feet will cause major damage to the new tourist infrastructure there.

This storm has the potential to be the most expensive natural event in US History, by a large margin.


If the storm goes west of the delta by a few dozen miles, the surge in Bayou LaFourche will wipe out everything in the parish, since none of it is over 8-12 feet, and most is less.

Of course, that's what the wind doesn't get. Not much down there will stand up to 140 mph sustained wind for long.

The petrochemical infrastructure there might be well enough built to take it, but I'm not putting any money on that, either.

Chris Byrne

New Orleans is worrisome, but I'm a bit more concerned about Port Fourchon.


I had a feeling watching this thing slide farther and farther west last night that New Orleans might get it. I have watched with bated breath to many storms threaten the Big Easy, thinking the same things you are talking about in your post.

One thing is for sure, if it does hit there, New Orleans as it is today will cease to exist.

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