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September 25, 2005



I found this update

Cosmos-3 (Credit: PO Polyot)
(Sep. 27) The launch of the two Iranian satellites which was supposed to take place this week has been rescheduled to an unspecified date. Tal Inbar, senior research fellow at the Fisher Institute, told Isracast, that it is suspected that a mysterious power surge happened just as the Russian Cosmos 3 missile carrying the satellites was being tested for launch. The power surge resulted in a malfunction in one of the Iranian satellites causing it severe damage.
IsraCast will continue to monitor the story and report.


I remember back sometime ago the F-15 anti-Sat missiles were under R&D and we weren't allowed to move into production (the Soviet Union existed back then). There were only about 6 missiles in the inventory then. Anyone know the story today?


F-15's carry anti-Sat missiles...

Someone just has to make that decision.

Darth Hick

Why blow up a perfectly good satellite, when you can steal it remotely, and feed false information back to the ground operators?

Raging Dave

This is just my opinion, but I think the military is going to be in Iran within the next ten years. There's just no way that we can afford to sit back and let them have free reign, especially when we know what they are trying to do.


ok Thank you !! I will start with Google


I don't have any direct links, but I would try one of two things if I were looking for one. First I would try to Google "hit counter" and see what that brought, or I would cruise a few blogs, find one with a hit counter, and click on the counter, which might have info on how to get one for your blog.

Let me know if these ideas don't work, and I'll put some more work on it.


Riverdog , I was wondering how I can put a counter in my blog sight , I looked for your email when I added your sight to mine, but it did not come attached to it , did that make any since lol


> I'll wager that instructions are already out to our military to tie
> yet another hand behind their backs as they fight the war on terror.
All I can do is hope you are wrong.
The Italian administration has stationed troops in Iraq, I believe, but they okayed surgery for Iraqi terrorists a few weeks back. Some ally.
Daniel Day

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