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September 24, 2005



Ditto what everyone else said, Rivrdog. You are a true friend, indeed. Jim is a fortunate man to have you as his "wingman".


Thanks for everything, including answering my emails or questions when the Capt wasn't available. I'm glad everything generally worked out quite well (all things considered), and keeping us informed. It's kinda' hard to picture what went on down there from SoCal, and I know pictures don't do it justice, so I have to experience things through your perspectives.

Keep up the good work and take care!


Kevin Baker

Thanks for keeping us updated, and acting as Jim's proxy.


Thank you for your service to us and for standing in the gap for Jim. You are such a blessing. :)

Army of Dad

Thanks for keeping us updated on Jim's status during Rita.


I want to thank you for the time you invested in keeping the rest of us updated on Jim's situation during the storm.

I never stopped to think about it before, but, after reading various blogs for a while, I have come to know the public persona of some of you better than I know people I work with.

So when one of you goes away, I start wondering / worrying. Very glad that things worked out this time.

Thanks again.


Many thanks to keeping everyone updated. It was certainly appreciated and you did a super job.


Again Thank You River dog for the updates on JIm while he was in the storm , I missed a lot of sleep wondering if he was ok or not , Your updates helped so much , I also want to Thank you for helping me with Questions on getting my blog figured out , I still can not figure out how to put that dang site meter on the page .......Oh Well maybe one day I will ..............Again Thank you for everything .

Take Care


Thank you Rivrdog for the time and dedication you put to the task of keeping us all informed during this crisis. Thankfully, we in NC have been spared this season of devastation; but I was able to sleep better knowing that you and others like you had the backs of my friend Jim and his compatriots in TX during the onslaught of Rita. Your time and attention to the cause (keeping us informed) was above and beyond. I thank you.


You are indeed a friend, sir.

Eternal thanks for holding the fort in my stead.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


...and you are the Iron Hand of Love, dear {:~)


Yes, he is, Marcus. And kinda reminds me of a tempered steel cream puff!! My favorite flavor, BTW.


(Didn't want to taint some good stuff with my prior comment.)
George, you done good, sir, Good coverage of the event on Jim's blog! ^5. You're a good friend.


Well, an old saying applies here.."You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit." The truth about allot of things has already come out pertaining to the shitiation in N.O.L.A. Itsa welfare city, so all a mayor has to do is keep the welfare checks coming in. And he needs "citizens" for that.

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