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September 23, 2005



I can confirm the bit about the love-bugs. The front of my Rodeo looks black instead of silver, & they've got the place I'm staying at pretty well besieged unless it's windy out. As for the coastal NoR, there's also Termite & myself from south Louisiana.


No news, but you'd probably find them on either Boots and Sabers forum or NoR Forum if they were able to get on the net. There's a lot of utility outages there.


Not sure who the Tanker of Mostly Cajun is, but hemebru was right, with the addition of Eugene who's going to college in Houston, IIRC. Any word on those folks?


My guess is that "coastal NoR" = Gulf coast members of the Nation of Riflemen. Possibly refering to the skipper of the New Dawn, Doc Russia, and maybe even Tanker of Mostly Cajun. All of whom have moved a ways inland.

But you'd already figured that out, hadn't you?

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