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November 28, 2005



Mary was within walking distance to Crown Point Overlook, and she has stories of the ice storms every year that would close down school and having car bodies (her father is a hot-rod nut) blown across their yard by the wind off the Gorge.


I have lived in the cold climates off and on and for the past 18 years it has been off. The only thing I could ever see good about snow was that it made tracking a rabbit a little easier.


You wouldn't be in Corbett, would you? My wife grew up on Larch Mountain Road....

Gerry N.

"God put the snow there, He can take it away when He feels like it."

Pretty much sums up my weather attitude when I was about 6 and my dad wanted me to shovel the front walk. That would have been 1951, My attitude hasn't changed a lot since.

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