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November 15, 2005



Um, Ted, I did read your entire article. You introduce the subject of the UN tech summit by saying:

“The Internet is a worldwide resource, and governance needs to be international.”

If you’re not for UN control, then who the hell are you talking about?

And I still don’t see one concrete argument made by you for the US to give up control. If you’re going to convince people like me, you have to tell us in no uncertain terms how the internet would be better off under international governance.

Ted Demopoulos

My, how nice to see me here :)

I'm not for UN control, never said I was. However I'm not for the US to maintain control forever. That said, anarchy would be better than setting a bunch of bureaucrats in control, I think we all agree on that! I think . . .

As for the other commenters, I'll ignore them. They are welcome to read the entire short article, some obviously haven't. They're not missing much, its just 350 words, which is quite limiting.

If I had a few thousand words to elaborate, I'm willing to bet the majority of whiners and complainers and I would agree probably 95%.

25 years ago?? yeah, the Internet was there. Use a lower case "i" if you want. Those of us working and playing with computers in universities and some parts of the US gov had access

Grumpy Old Ham

"Twenty-five year veteran of the Internet???" Hang on a minute, let's pull out the calculator....2005-25=1980. Since TCP/IP didn't replace NCP until 1983, exactly WHAT Internet was he using in 1980? Sure wasn't the same infrastructure we use today, and if you define the capital-I Internet as a TCP/IP based network it wasn't the Internet at all.

Last time I checked, there was and is plenty of international involvement in Internet "governance", whatever the hell that means. For example, the last quarterly IETF meeting (might have been two quarters ago) was held in...wait for it...PARIS!

That idiot also might want to do some fact-checking with some economists. The US hasn't established the USD as a world standard for financial transactions by demand or fiat, it's happened by default since it's one of the few stable currencies backed by a strong economy, at least for now. Hmmmm, think I see a pattern here....


"It is the height of arrogance for the United States to insist on maintaining control of the Internet. The Internet is global in impact and use. It is tied more every day to worldwide commerce. The United States could just as well demand that the world denominate all financial transactions in dollars, try to cure cancer by outlawing it, or claim Uranus as sovereign territory; all are absurd."

Jesus Breakdancing Christ! I am several IQ points dumber for having read that tranzi crap. Notice how he never actually makes any concrete arguments in favor of internationalizing the internet? He just makes these vague statements about the global nature of the web.

I want just one of these assholes to actually try and convince me of how the internet would be better off in UN hands.

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