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November 30, 2005



I'll let you do the engineering, Guy. I wouldn't know how to keep the EPA happy with the burning-chicken-feathers emissions.

Gawd, just the thought of that is going to force me to have a shot of bourbon to wash the taste out of the pie hole.


Hell, Ihope this works and they will go back to using beef in hot dogs instead of yard bird. Damn I hate chickens. Burn 'em all in the trucks-hell, make a steam engine fired by chickens. I can see it now, a cargo hold full of yardbirds and as I catch fish I burn some more chickens and replace the chicken ballast with fish. damn right-are you going to try to get a patent on this or should I do it?


Will my mother always be trying to get me to fillup? And would this chicken-diesel soup allow one to dispense with certain preventive maintenance tasks?

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