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November 21, 2005



(short, insane rant deleted)


Well said. I am not against the war in Iraq but I am against the limited rules of engagement. I call it half stepping in a war and that gets people killed needlessly. The intelligence people claim that most of the ones they are fighting are getting supplied from Syria and if that is correct then Syria should be taken as well as Iraq. If Iran wants into the game then deal them a hand they will never forget with the same kind of shock and awe that hit the major cities in Iraq. The blitz into Bagdad was textbook except that the DOD and the top generals forgot one thing. Territory taken that cannot be secured is not territory taken. Allowing the military to disband without accounting for weapons and then not disarming the citizens was criminal in my judgement-for what it is worth. War should be fought as a war and there are no innocents in a war. Civilians get killed, cities are destroyed, and economies ruined. That is what war is all about. Going to war and not giving everything to win is futile in the long run--as we learned in Vietnam and I am afraid we are going to learn in Iraq. Our military is fighting and winning but our government, urged on by the left wing and the media is losing for us once again.

Stu Clark

If you need someone at your back, let me know. I'll fight with you...

S. Clark
CPL, US Army (former)

Mr. Completely

Very well written, RD. Why can't people see it?

............Mr. C.

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